Is Your Board Suitable for the Time?

Many nonprofit boards are populated by seniors. They have experience, talent, time, contacts, and money. In the past, that was the formula for the perfect board member. Perhaps its is time to redefine the perfect board member.

In a rapidly changing world, leaders must be agile. Success used to mean finding the right process and […]


How to Set Attainable Goals

We are told creating goals is a good thing and will help our organizations thrive, attract support, and increase sustainability. However, goals are frequently missed, which makes setting goals frustrating. In the end, some boards stop creating goals because it seems to be worthless and other tasks are more rewarding.

In our experience, the problem […]


Human Goals

Three things are more important than goals: staff members, donors, and clients. Your nonprofit probably says that these three are more important than anything else.

Do your nonprofit’s actions align with its intentions?

There may be several things your board’s actions indicate are more important than people. Finances play an important part in a […]


Your Success Model

Use board members’ success as a model for your nonprofit’s success […]


Executing the Long View

When a nonprofit executive has the right incentives, it is much easier to create a successful plan. […]


Top Priority

Make your nonprofit board’s job easier. Create a long-term plan (>3 years). […]


Managing the Numbers

Monitoring the right numbers will increase your nonprofit’s board engagement. […]


Measuring the Right Things

Encourage your board to set goals that will create strategic, competitive, and long-term success. […]


Big Ideas

When your nonprofit’s board casts a vision, it creates unexpected benefits for your nonprofit. […]


The Staff’s View of a Great Board

Your nonprofit’s board can inspire your staff to greatness. […]