Is Your Board Suitable for the Time?

Many nonprofit boards are populated by seniors. They have experience, talent, time, contacts, and money. In the past, that was the formula for the perfect board member. Perhaps its is time to redefine the perfect board member.

In a rapidly changing world, leaders must be agile. Success used to mean finding the right process and […]


Challenging and Supporting Leaders

Many boards admit they need to do more about successor leadership. The boards are unsure who should be the next chair. Their personnel committees are unsure who should be the successor to any of the key staff positions. There is a lack of bench strength even though everyone knows that leaders are important to continued […]


Better Time Management

When board meetings consistently last longer than planned, it indicates that there is more work for the board than it has time for. One way to help the board is to expand it without adding members. The other is to develop more leaders.

Recruit non-board volunteers to serve on board committees. Since the additional volunteers […]


Setting the Tone

The board is the ultimate leader of your nonprofit. As the leader, your board is responsible for setting the tone for your nonprofit. That means in part establishing the culture. Part of every nonprofit’s culture is its willingness to embrace risk. During uncertain times most organizations lower their risk tolerance.

Our nation’s recovery from […]


Turning the Corner

When a nonprofit is struggling, visualizing the path forward is the first step toward sustainability. In many cases, it is the hardest step.

An objective perspective is needed to see the path forward. Small nonprofits usually have small groups of passionate stakeholders who think about the nonprofit as if it was their own. Their sense […]


Model What You Want

When your nonprofit’s board models the behavior it wants from your staff, success will be easier to achieve. […]


Be an Influential Leader

The leadership ability of your nonprofit’s board is important to the sustainability of your mission. […]


Leader Versus Manager

Your nonprofit’s board can significantly improve the success of your mission. […]


Leadership Development Is Planned Change

When the board has a development plan for your nonprofit’s executive and staff, it has a plan to strengthen the mission and increase sustainability. It has a plan for your most valuable asset. […]


Every Leader an Innovator

Ideally, we want every nonprofit leader to be an innovator. Does your nonprofit board foster innovation? […]