Is Your Board Suitable for the Time?

Many nonprofit boards are populated by seniors. They have experience, talent, time, contacts, and money. In the past, that was the formula for the perfect board member. Perhaps its is time to redefine the perfect board member.

In a rapidly changing world, leaders must be agile. Success used to mean finding the right process and […]


Staff, Your Competitive Advantage

Nonprofits are both service centers and experience centers. Clients come for the services and they have the potential to gain as much or more from the learning experience as they will gain from the services. What they learn might contribute more to their achieving the desired outcomes than the services.

The learning experience can be […]


Multiplying Critical Assets

The five critical asset classes every nonprofit should have are staff, donors, volunteers, advocates, and referral sources. Individuals and/or organizations are the assets that make up each class. Those assets are probably more important than any of the assets on the balance sheet because they create, maintain, and feed the balance sheet assets. Nurturing the […]


Sustaining Critical Assets

Every nonprofit should have four critical assets. The assets are advocates (rare), referral sources (few), donors (many), and staff (most). Almost all have donors and staff, some have referral sources too, very few have advocates as well.

What is your nonprofit doing to increase and nurture each of your asset classes?

It is surprising […]


After the Strategic Plan

We have written many articles about strategic planning to help boards. They cover the pre-planning phase and the creation of the plan. This article will help you lay a foundation for the successful execution of the plan.

Implementation begins immediately after the plan is written. This is when the operational changes begin. When most boards […]


Talent Development

In the final analysis, the only thing your nonprofit has to offer your clients, donors, and community is the talent of your people. They design your programs, raise funds, and provide services. They are at the heart of your nonprofit’s sustainability, effectiveness, success, and your mission’s relevance.

Are you doing enough to nurture that talent?



How to Set Attainable Goals

We are told creating goals is a good thing and will help our organizations thrive, attract support, and increase sustainability. However, goals are frequently missed, which makes setting goals frustrating. In the end, some boards stop creating goals because it seems to be worthless and other tasks are more rewarding.

In our experience, the problem […]


Do Less to Achieve More

Most nonprofit boards have more to do than they have time for. Perhaps more needs to be delegated to the committees and staff. Perhaps the board is spending too much time on administrative activities. With proper guidelines, the board can limit itself to working with the staff to create plans to improve mission effectiveness, client […]


Be More Selective

Most nonprofit boards abhor having a vacant seat on the board. As a result, they are willing to keep the standards of board membership reasonably low. Clients, donors, employees, and missions benefit from being more selective.

Board members should be focused on the nonprofit’s future and believe that a long-term plan for the future is […]


The Ideal Executive

Here are the qualifications for great executives and board members:

Education – A good education is valuable. However, education is a shortcut. Your executive must be someone who has grown in knowledge constantly since entering the workforce.

Humble – The ability to admit one is wrong is the key to learning. Someone who has never […]