Sustaining Critical Assets

Every nonprofit should have four critical assets. The assets are advocates (rare), referral sources (few), donors (many), and staff (most). Almost all have donors and staff, some have referral sources too, very few have advocates as well.

What is your nonprofit doing to increase and nurture each of your asset classes?

It is surprising […]


Talent Development

In the final analysis, the only thing your nonprofit has to offer your clients, donors, and community is the talent of your people. They design your programs, raise funds, and provide services. They are at the heart of your nonprofit’s sustainability, effectiveness, success, and your mission’s relevance.

Are you doing enough to nurture that talent?



Attributes of a Highly Effective Board

Nonprofit sustainability depends on consistently providing outstanding service for many years. Of course outstanding service depends on a high-performing staff with sufficient resources (high-performing fundraising). However, of greater importance is the performance of the board.

Without great leadership, it is impossible for a team to win. Therefore, all board members must perform well so that […]


Staying on Top

If your nonprofit is at the top of its game – Congratulations! That is great news!

The bad news is that the good news has a limited shelf life. According to one study, the average large organization reorganizes itself every 24 – 36 months. Each reorganization takes about 18 months. It is hard to stay […]


Spending Too Much on Your Mission?

At Mission Enablers, we believe the sustainability of a nonprofit is as important as the mission. Without sustainability, the mission will perish. Often, sustainability is given less attention than it deserves because the mission is given too much attention.

Donors rightly demand that a nonprofit be accountable for its impact. Since many nonprofits are unable […]


Human Goals

Three things are more important than goals: staff members, donors, and clients. Your nonprofit probably says that these three are more important than anything else.

Do your nonprofit’s actions align with its intentions?

There may be several things your board’s actions indicate are more important than people. Finances play an important part in a […]


Inspiring, Caring, Visionary

The title of this article is the top three traits people want in their leaders according to a recent Gallup poll. Since your board is the ultimate leader of your nonprofit, your board should be the model your staff uses for its leadership standards.

Your executive can only be as inspiring, caring, and visionary as […]


Setting the Tone

The board is the ultimate leader of your nonprofit. As the leader, your board is responsible for setting the tone for your nonprofit. That means in part establishing the culture. Part of every nonprofit’s culture is its willingness to embrace risk. During uncertain times most organizations lower their risk tolerance.

Our nation’s recovery from […]


What to Do When Faced with a New Competitor

Every competitive threat offers your nonprofit a competitive advantage […]


People Are Important

Place more value in the people associated with your nonprofit and your community will be more appreciative of your nonprofit. […]