Effective Stewardship

Many nonprofit boards need to reimagine their roles. When they took on the leadership of the nonprofits, they agreed to become the stewards of the nonprofits. For some boards, stewardship means maintain the status quo. They aim to sustain the current level of effectiveness and efficiency. Those boards have limited their role to that of […]


What Do You See?

Those with a vision are shaping the world. They see how things could be and chart a course that will create what they envision. Nonprofits are expected to shape the world around them.

Your community expects to be reshaped by your nonprofit. Your board has the power and the capacity to fulfill your community’s […]


Inspiring, Caring, Visionary

The title of this article is the top three traits people want in their leaders according to a recent Gallup poll. Since your board is the ultimate leader of your nonprofit, your board should be the model your staff uses for its leadership standards.

Your executive can only be as inspiring, caring, and visionary as […]


An Easy and Effective Vision

The decisions your board makes at this year’s meetings lay the foundation for the board’s legacy and your nonprofit’s future.

Often your board’s influence on your nonprofit takes years to become obvious. Incremental changes can happen immediately but are noticeable after the results are known. For example, cutting expenses to better align costs and income […]


Turning the Corner

When a nonprofit is struggling, visualizing the path forward is the first step toward sustainability. In many cases, it is the hardest step.

An objective perspective is needed to see the path forward. Small nonprofits usually have small groups of passionate stakeholders who think about the nonprofit as if it was their own. Their sense […]


Vision and Strategy Simplified

Vision and strategy are simpler to deal with and more valuable than most nonprofits realize. […]


Design Is Where You Start

A redesign of your nonprofit will be highly beneficial to your nonprofit, clients, and community. […]


Executing the Long View

When a nonprofit executive has the right incentives, it is much easier to create a successful plan. […]


Taking the Long View

Require your board to create a long-term plan that will provide your nonprofit with better support. […]


What Does Better Mean?

How your nonprofit’s board members define what is better for your nonprofit determines your success. […]