Is Your Board Suitable for the Time?

Many nonprofit boards are populated by seniors. They have experience, talent, time, contacts, and money. In the past, that was the formula for the perfect board member. Perhaps its is time to redefine the perfect board member.

In a rapidly changing world, leaders must be agile. Success used to mean finding the right process and […]


After the Strategic Plan

We have written many articles about strategic planning to help boards. They cover the pre-planning phase and the creation of the plan. This article will help you lay a foundation for the successful execution of the plan.

Implementation begins immediately after the plan is written. This is when the operational changes begin. When most boards […]


How to Set Attainable Goals

We are told creating goals is a good thing and will help our organizations thrive, attract support, and increase sustainability. However, goals are frequently missed, which makes setting goals frustrating. In the end, some boards stop creating goals because it seems to be worthless and other tasks are more rewarding.

In our experience, the problem […]


A Budget Is a Plan Converted to Numbers, or Is It?

Your nonprofit’s budget has the potential to lift your nonprofit to new heights by increasing your reputation and sustainability, clients’ successes, and mission effectiveness. It also has the potential to lower your nonprofit’s sustainability and reputation as well as undermine the perception of your mission’s relevance. It all depends on how your budget is developed. […]


Embrace and Encourage Failure

Trying something new is the only way to have better products, better services, more donor engagement, more effectiveness, or any positive change in an organization. Without something new, a nonprofit is destined to be mediocre.

Success in every form and long-term sustainability depend on a commitment to constant improvement. Every nonprofit has the potential […]


Turn Down Most Opportunities

It is more harmful to your nonprofit to take the wrong opportunity than it is to turn down a good opportunity […]


Your Success Model

Use board members’ success as a model for your nonprofit’s success […]


Supporting Your Executive

Nonprofit success depends on growing your executive faster than your nonprofit is growing. […]


Be Courageous

Recruit nonprofit board members who have the courage to fulfill the responsibilities of board membership. […]


What You Measure Matters

Measure the things that are important to your supporters and they will provide for your nonprofit. […]