Challenging and Supporting Leaders

Many boards admit they need to do more about successor leadership. The boards are unsure who should be the next chair. Their personnel committees are unsure who should be the successor to any of the key staff positions. There is a lack of bench strength even though everyone knows that leaders are important to continued […]


Develop Leaders

One of the often-overlooked responsibilities of nonprofit boards is to develop its current and future leaders (volunteer and professional). Another responsibility of a nonprofit board is to lay the foundation for an uncertain future. While it sounds like it is impossible to prepare for something that is vague at best, it is still a necessity. […]


The Ideal Executive

Here are the qualifications for great executives and board members:

Education – A good education is valuable. However, education is a shortcut. Your executive must be someone who has grown in knowledge constantly since entering the workforce.

Humble – The ability to admit one is wrong is the key to learning. Someone who has never […]


Better Time Management

When board meetings consistently last longer than planned, it indicates that there is more work for the board than it has time for. One way to help the board is to expand it without adding members. The other is to develop more leaders.

Recruit non-board volunteers to serve on board committees. Since the additional volunteers […]


Board Meetings: Who Should Attend?

The three key parts to a nonprofit are client services, fundraising, and finance. A staff representative for each of those areas should attend every board meeting along with the executive. This is true even in a small nonprofit where those areas are led by a non-executive or may only be a one-person department. While Mission […]


Why that Candidate?

When one board candidate was asked why he should be on a certain nonprofit’s board, his response was, “Why not?” Nonprofit board membership should never be an entitlement. It should be something that both sides take seriously and carefully consider.

Sometimes when we ask a nonprofit executive or board member why a specific person […]


Supporting Your Executive

Nonprofit success depends on growing your executive faster than your nonprofit is growing. […]


Look Long, Gain Much

Nonprofit executives who practice long-term thinking and planning produce better results. […]


Executing the Long View

When a nonprofit executive has the right incentives, it is much easier to create a successful plan. […]


Your Nonprofit Needs a New Executive Every Year

Annual training for your nonprofit’s executive will significantly increase the performance of your nonprofit. […]