Spending Too Much on Your Mission?

At Mission Enablers, we believe the sustainability of a nonprofit is as important as the mission. Without sustainability, the mission will perish. Often, sustainability is given less attention than it deserves because the mission is given too much attention.

Donors rightly demand that a nonprofit be accountable for its impact. Since many nonprofits are unable […]


How to Set Attainable Goals

We are told creating goals is a good thing and will help our organizations thrive, attract support, and increase sustainability. However, goals are frequently missed, which makes setting goals frustrating. In the end, some boards stop creating goals because it seems to be worthless and other tasks are more rewarding.

In our experience, the problem […]


Put a Bigger Dent in the Universe

Nonprofits are formed to solve significant social problems. The promises of their mission statements tells how the world will be transformed by the nonprofits’ efforts.

Does your community know how your nonprofit plans to transform it?

Do your services create the transformation your mission promises?

How significantly your nonprofit transforms your community depends on […]


Break the Rules

How flexible is your board’s attitude toward rules?

Every successful experiment breaks and rewrites one or more rules. Every successful experiment also increases the effectiveness of your mission, the sustainability of your nonprofit, and its competitive stance in your community.

Is your nonprofit breaking enough rules to create the operational strength, sustainability, and effectiveness your […]


Be Measurably Strong

A nonprofit solves a pressing problem for its clients and community through its services. That wonderful process strengthens the community. It also means that the community needs the nonprofits to continue for as long as there are problems to be solved.

Does your nonprofit have the strength to survive as long as it is needed?



Giving Back to Your Community

When you increase the value of your nonprofit to your community, your community will increase support. […]


A Chance to Make a Difference

The difference your nonprofit’s board members can make determines their engagement. […]


Be Courageous

Recruit nonprofit board members who have the courage to fulfill the responsibilities of board membership. […]


Judging a Nonprofit’s Worthiness

There are two ways to determine if a nonprofit is worthy of donations. […]


How Good Are Your Board’s Decisions?

Does your nonprofit’s board have the information it needs to make great decisions? […]