Is Your Board Suitable for the Time?

Many nonprofit boards are populated by seniors. They have experience, talent, time, contacts, and money. In the past, that was the formula for the perfect board member. Perhaps its is time to redefine the perfect board member.

In a rapidly changing world, leaders must be agile. Success used to mean finding the right process and […]


Staff, Your Competitive Advantage

Nonprofits are both service centers and experience centers. Clients come for the services and they have the potential to gain as much or more from the learning experience as they will gain from the services. What they learn might contribute more to their achieving the desired outcomes than the services.

The learning experience can be […]


Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

ZBB originated in the 1970s. Therefore, it is nothing new and when something old becomes popular it is best to be cautious.

ZBB means zeroing out all line items in the budget and justifying every dollar that is added for each line item. There have been several stories recently about large organizations using ZBB to […]


Human Goals

Three things are more important than goals: staff members, donors, and clients. Your nonprofit probably says that these three are more important than anything else.

Do your nonprofit’s actions align with its intentions?

There may be several things your board’s actions indicate are more important than people. Finances play an important part in a […]


Inspiring, Caring, Visionary

The title of this article is the top three traits people want in their leaders according to a recent Gallup poll. Since your board is the ultimate leader of your nonprofit, your board should be the model your staff uses for its leadership standards.

Your executive can only be as inspiring, caring, and visionary as […]


The Annual Report

Use your nonprofit’s annual report to overcome some of the apathy and lethargy among your supporters. […]


Board Accountability

When nonprofit boards place an emphasis on their own accountability, their nonprofits exceed expectations. […]


In Support of Value Creation

Every change your nonprofit makes must be supported by more than a good plan. […]


Managing the Numbers

Monitoring the right numbers will increase your nonprofit’s board engagement. […]


Inspire and Motivate

Use your nonprofit board’s decisions to inspire and motivate your staff. xxx […]