Our Process

The outcome you want from every project is for your organization to be thriving 5 years from now. We help you find the durable solution to your current challenges.

Complex problems are often hard to identify because they are masked by symptoms. Looking passed the symptoms is critical to finding a durable and sustainable solution.

We start each project with a free assessment. If appropriate, the first step is to help you establish long-term goals. The second step is to collect information about your organization’s business model. This step separates the problems from the symptoms. It ensures we focus on the underlying problems and create long-term, durable solutions.

Your goals tell us where you are going. The analysis of your business model tells us the best way to fine-tune your organization to achieve your long-term goals. Finding the best way to enhance your organization’s capacity to serve and increase its sustainability are our primary goals.

Now it is possible to create a plan. Implementing the plan will enable your organization to thrive over the next 5 or more years.

The next step in the process is to implement the plan. Whenever possible we like to use a two stage implementation. The first stage is a limited-scope trial. The purpose of the trial is to prove the plan works and identify ways to make it more effective and efficient. The second stage is to adjust the plan and initate the full-scale implementation.

We want the plan to work just as much as you do. That is the reason Mission Enablers guarantees it will work.