Nonprofits handle the tough, messy, expensive, and difficult problems in society. We need them most when times are tough but that is when nonprofits are weak.

When the economy is down there is more demand for the services of most nonprofits. However, society’s support for nonprofits is at its lowest. A severe and long lasting downturn magnifies the stress.

A typical response is to cut expenses, lay off workers, and try harder to raise funds. When it works, it allows the nonprofit to survive but results in fewer services for those in need. When cutting expenses is unsuccessful, it still reduces services, and the nonprofit’s problems remain. In addition, there are fewer recovery options available to the nonprofit.

Doing an analysis of your business model makes sense. The severe downturn and prolonged recovery imply there is a new normal. Changing the business model will make it easier for your nonprofit to thrive.

The Mission Enablers’ process starts with an analysis of your business model. We determine which areas of your business model are helping you and which areas need polishing. From there it is possible to determine what to change, how to make the changes, and when to make the changes.

After you change your business model there will be more time and resources available for serving others and expanding your mission. Changing the business model also expands the capacity and sustainability of your organization. Is there a better time than now to make the changes that will increase your capacity to serve and increase sustainability?