Our name tells you we help nonprofits advance their mission. One of the best ways for us to do that is to share what we know. Some of the ways we share what we know are through our blogs and Twitter postings.

The Twitter postings are short, helpful thoughts.

Our blogs provide specific actionable information about a topic important to the nonprofit sector. The articles raise an issue, suggest a solution, and offer 3 – 5 practical steps.

The sustainability of every nonprofit depends on the strength of the board, fundraising, and service delivery.

The Board – How the board interacts with the staff, how it makes decisions, and what issues it focuses on are important to the sustainability of the organization. We provide short, simple, useful guidance that makes board governance easier and improves organizational sustainability.

Fundraising – It is the life-blood. Receiving a gift is helpful. The stronger the relationship with the donor the more helpful the gifts are. Strong relationships are what see us through the tough times. Organizations with strong relationships have found weathering the recent economic storm easier. This blog provides ideas for building and sustaining strong relationships.

Nonprofit Service Delivery – It is how one serves clients and fulfills the mission. It is how one creates a competitive advantage and becomes distinguishable from others. It is what the donors pay for. In short, it is why every nonprofit exists.

Parochial/Christian/Faith-based/Private Schools – The competition is intense (public schools, home schooling, cyber schools, other faith-based and private schools, and charter schools). Having superior academic performance is a given. Delivering that something extra is also required to establish uniqueness in the crowded market and create the value to justify the tuition. Our blog provides proven practical steps that will increase enrollment, student retention, and keep your school sustainable.

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