Look Where You Are Going

When your Christian school’s vision shapes your school’s actions then fundraising, student success, and community support increase. […]


Attracting the Support You Need

When the quality of a school’s leadership increases, support from all sources increases. […]


Learn about Something Better

Ask your parochial school’s alumni 3 questions and you’ll know how to create a more effective program. […]


Understated Value

Why your parochial school innovates is more important to your donors, students, and community than the cost of innovation. […]


The Dimensions of Value

Support will increase if you talk about the six dimensions of your Christian school’s value. […]


Better Goal Setting

How your Christian school establishes goals is more important than the goals it establishes. […]


The Vibrant School

Diversity can be something we must address or it can be something we choose to address because of its significant strategic value. When strategic value is the motivation, diversity becomes a competitive advantage for attracting students, staff members, board members, and support of all types.

One of the reasons that it has taken a long […]


Serendipity Can Be a Tool

It is easy for anything we do frequently to become routine. When it does, we often overlook new opportunities to improve the process.

When a competitor notices a great opportunity to improve, they gain an advantage. If you capitalize on serendipity, you will have the advantage.

Serendipity is the chance discovery of something […]


The Right Goals

The promise of your mission statement tells the world what your student outcomes will be. Those outcomes, the life-changing difference your mission makes in students’ lives, can take years to fully develop. In the meantime, you need results to share with your donors and other stakeholders.

Graduation and student achievement are two important results. However, […]


Replace Bad with Good

The typical Christian school uses many business-like phrases to describe its processes. Changing the words will make your school more inviting, positive, affirming, and empowering. Rather than putting a marketing twist on things, think about using words to make what you are doing more effective. When words are inviting, positive, affirming, and empowering, they create […]