The Right Goals

The promise of your mission statement tells the world what your student outcomes will be. Those outcomes, the life-changing difference your mission makes in students’ lives, can take years to fully develop. In the meantime, you need results to share with your donors and other stakeholders.

Graduation and student achievement are two important results. However, […]


Setting Goals

Shared goals have many benefits. They clarify priorities, reduce conflict, increase engagement, increase collaboration, and make the coordination of activities easier. When combined, they increase productivity and quality.

Creating quality goals adds another layer of benefits. A quality goal is carefully chosen and well-worded. It will attract new supporters, retain existing supporters, and inspire people.




The expectations we have of people are seldom (never) expressed in their job descriptions and what is expressed in the job descriptions has very little (nothing) to do with mission fulfillment.

Typically, Christian school job descriptions define the responsibilities, role, and success measures for a position. Most of those job descriptions are patterned after similar […]


Tell the Whole Story

Effective Christian schools are led by principals who ensure smooth communications between board and staff […]


Choose Diversity

Here is how your parochial school should choose between two equally qualified experts. […]


To Plan or Not to Plan

Sometimes taking the time to plan is the right thing to do. Sometimes it is better to experiment and learn.

The vast majority of the time parochial school boards should be creating plans and setting goals. The rest of the time they should be reviewing the progress the staff makes executing the plans. The primary […]


Align Personal Goals with Your School’s Goals

Staff retention and enthusiasm are optimized by aligning personal goals with your parochial school’s goals. […]


Staff Engagement

When you increase your staff’s engagement you increase your school’s stakeholders’ engagement […]


Staff Recruiting

Hiring the best people is one of the best things your school can do for its students and donors. […]


Survival Skills

Skills that were desirable are now critical to the prosperity and sustainability of your parochial school. […]