The First 100 Days

4 steps will help a new Christian school principal make a smooth and successful transition into leadership. […]


Creating Agility

The agility of your parochial school depends on the agility of your board and principal. […]


Look Where You Are Going

When your Christian school’s vision shapes your school’s actions then fundraising, student success, and community support increase. […]


Co-Create Success

Would your Christian school’s students enjoy greater success if they were served by a partnership of organizations offering a range of services? […]


The Leadership of Change

Helping each of your Christian school’s stakeholders develop new capabilities will significantly improve your school’s sustainability. […]


Setting Realistic Goals

The value produced by your parochial school’s next project determines the level of commitment of your stakeholders […]


Top Performers

Almost every organization has a few top performers. While it is true that in every group someone is the best and someone is the worst, it is unnecessary for the gap to be huge.

Think about professional sports teams. Every member of those teams is exceptional. Even with a limited budget, you can use their […]


The Vibrant School

Diversity can be something we must address or it can be something we choose to address because of its significant strategic value. When strategic value is the motivation, diversity becomes a competitive advantage for attracting students, staff members, board members, and support of all types.

One of the reasons that it has taken a long […]


Your School’s Culture Influences Staff Productivity

Cultivating staff engagement needs to be part of your school’s culture. Engaged staff members are more productive. A high level of productivity is one more way culture can help to differentiate your school. High productivity also contributes to increased sustainability and mission effectiveness.

Here are a few steps you can take to cultivate staff engagement:



Closing the Commitment Gap

Building consensus is the first step in making a group decision. Once the decision is made, it is necessary to have all of the disparate parts collaborate.

While your board is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your school, your principal is responsible for the execution of your board’s plans and decisions. […]