The First 100 Days

4 steps will help a new Christian school principal make a smooth and successful transition into leadership. […]


Your Ideas Create the Future

The value of your parochial school’s vision to your students, donors, and community determines the level of support your school will receive. […]


Reflective Thinking

Christian school boards that practice reflective thinking are more effective. Here is how to transition your board. […]


What Would You Say?

Your answer to 2 questions make it easier to attract the donors, board members, and staff members your school needs. […]


Where Is Your Focus?

Every Christian school principal has the same hopes as their students and donors. Each year they want the services to be more effective by the end of the school year. In addition, the principal and donors want more students.

How often does effectiveness (academic and non-academic) increase at your school?

How often do you report […]


Closing the Commitment Gap

Building consensus is the first step in making a group decision. Once the decision is made, it is necessary to have all of the disparate parts collaborate.

While your board is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your school, your principal is responsible for the execution of your board’s plans and decisions. […]


Setting Goals

Shared goals have many benefits. They clarify priorities, reduce conflict, increase engagement, increase collaboration, and make the coordination of activities easier. When combined, they increase productivity and quality.

Creating quality goals adds another layer of benefits. A quality goal is carefully chosen and well-worded. It will attract new supporters, retain existing supporters, and inspire people.



What Great Leaders Do

Your school’s principal could do much more if your board would do a little more of certain things. […]


Tell the Whole Story

Effective Christian schools are led by principals who ensure smooth communications between board and staff […]


Talking Points

How you use your talking points can have a significant effect on your Christian school’s word of mouth […]