Giving Relevance Depth

There are 5 dimensions of relevance. How does your parochial school measure up? […]


What Would You Say?

Your answer to 2 questions make it easier to attract the donors, board members, and staff members your school needs. […]


Lifetime Employment

Lifetime employment (an employer’s guarantee of a job for life) sounds like a utopian idea. Think about it before you discard it as whimsy.

Most workers in the US see their jobs as temporary because their employers see their employment as temporary. As a leader, you have the opportunity to change your staff’s attitude […]


The Vibrant School

Diversity can be something we must address or it can be something we choose to address because of its significant strategic value. When strategic value is the motivation, diversity becomes a competitive advantage for attracting students, staff members, board members, and support of all types.

One of the reasons that it has taken a long […]


Authentic Service

Without good customer service, customers go elsewhere. Unfortunately, many parochial schools structure their customer service around the minimum required to match the community average.

Realizing that a parochial school’s customer service must reach a certain level to retain customers says that the school recognizes that customer service is a potential point of differentiation. If […]


The Best Differentiator: Culture

What makes your school unique? The answers we hear are oldest parochial school in the area, first school to offer X, only school on the southside, safe campus, caring teachers, lowest price, faith based, and the biggest school serving a specific group or faith tradition.

Our focus is helping struggling parochial, faith-based, and private schools […]


Values Revisited

Mission Enablers recommends parochial schools use core values to create strategic advantages. Simply put, choose values to build skills or create processes that strengthen your school.

As an example, think about how it would transforms your school if your core values were creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. When those are part of a parochial school’s […]


Make It Exciting

Make what is happening at your parochial school exciting and your students will be more successful. […]


Knowing the Student

What you know about your parochial school’s students can provide you with a significant competitive advantage. […]


Trusted Advisor

Increase your parochial school’s value to your community by becoming your students’ trusted advisor. […]