Collaborating for the Success of Your Students

Collaboration will lower your costs and improve your Christian school’s outcomes […]


Collaborating with Students

Close collaboration with Christian school students and families produces better outcomes. […]


The Value of Experience

Every time a parochial school develops great new programming (character development, parental training, etc.) another local school copies it. How do you retain the advantage you created?

There are three parts to keeping your advantage:

Efficiency – Since your Christian school developed the new programming, you have the most experience with it. With the experience […]


Budgeting for Collaboration

Collaboration is a way to gain ‘free’ access to the resources necessary to solve the social problems of your community. […]


Every Level of Decision Making Needs Client Input

Every parochial school exists to serve the community. They provide their service through their graduates and alumni. The great attributes the graduates develop strengthen the community. […]


Collaborations Are Important to Parochial Schools

In theory, collaboration is a great idea. How do you collaborate to maximize the value of your parochial school’s mission? […]