The Leadership of Change

Helping each of your Christian school’s stakeholders develop new capabilities will significantly improve your school’s sustainability. […]


Setting Goals

Shared goals have many benefits. They clarify priorities, reduce conflict, increase engagement, increase collaboration, and make the coordination of activities easier. When combined, they increase productivity and quality.

Creating quality goals adds another layer of benefits. A quality goal is carefully chosen and well-worded. It will attract new supporters, retain existing supporters, and inspire people.




The expectations we have of people are seldom (never) expressed in their job descriptions and what is expressed in the job descriptions has very little (nothing) to do with mission fulfillment.

Typically, Christian school job descriptions define the responsibilities, role, and success measures for a position. Most of those job descriptions are patterned after similar […]


Being Mission Centric Has Practical Value

Ensure your community values your school’s outcomes and you will ensure your school’s future. […]