Spend Time Reflecting

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your Christian school principal is ready for the next crisis. […]


Look for Challenges

There are simple innovations and easy enhancements to your Christian school’s mission that are being overlooked. […]


Serendipity Can Be a Tool

It is easy for anything we do frequently to become routine. When it does, we often overlook new opportunities to improve the process.

When a competitor notices a great opportunity to improve, they gain an advantage. If you capitalize on serendipity, you will have the advantage.

Serendipity is the chance discovery of something […]


The Best Differentiator: Culture

What makes your school unique? The answers we hear are oldest parochial school in the area, first school to offer X, only school on the southside, safe campus, caring teachers, lowest price, faith based, and the biggest school serving a specific group or faith tradition.

Our focus is helping struggling parochial, faith-based, and private schools […]


Trusted Advisor

Increase your parochial school’s value to your community by becoming your students’ trusted advisor. […]


Prepare for New Technology

When your Christian school has a service delivery strategy, it takes the risk out of new technology. […]


Hire for Social Skills

Whether your Christian school has a competitive advantage depends on who you hire. […]


Your Advantage

Attracting a new family to your parochial school is hard to do. There are many educational choices and they all have one or more unique advantages. […]