Goal Based Hiring

Should parochial schools be satisfied with hiring highly qualified Christian teachers?

It is reasonably easy to determine if someone is qualified. However, the success of your Christian school depends on more than just having a well-qualified staff of Christians.

The purpose of hiring someone new is to fulfill a need and lay a foundation for the future. When foundation lying is the goal, ‘qualified’ takes on a new meaning.

Part of the success of your school depends on having an authentic message. Will the candidate make decisions and take action that promotes your mission and the children? Does the candidate’s life demonstrate an authentic commitment to your mission and children?

When you think about the candidate, do you see them as important to achieving your school’s big long-term goals (beyond 5 years)? If you see them as central to the goals, you will be willing to invest in his or her career development. If the candidate understands why they are important to the future of your school, the candidate is likely to stay longer, work harder, and integrate into the team smoothly and quickly.

Having clear long-term goals is important to the long-term success of the candidate and your school. When candidates have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and why, they make better employment decisions (accept or reject your offer). They also work harder and with greater enthusiasm than other candidates do. Both of those factors contribute to the long-term success (sustainability) of your school. In addition, having a mutually agreed to long-term goal significantly increases the probability your school will reach that goal.

Your school already has a portfolio of great staff members. How will the candidate enhance your talent portfolio? What skills, perspective, and experience does he or she bring to your school that will bring value to the other staff members?

Next Step:

Hire a qualified candidate

Hire the candidate that will add authenticity to your message, mission, and service to the children

Hire the candidate who embraces your long-term goals for your school and will help your school reach its long-term goals

Hire the candidate who will enhance your talent portfolio

There is often an urgent need to fill the open position on the staff. When the hiring goal is to respond to the urgency, any qualified candidate will do.

It takes a special candidate to fill the open position when the goal is to find someone who will enhance the talent portfolio, improve the odds of reaching the long-term goals, authentically serve the children, and passionately carry out the mission.

It takes time to find the right candidate. Invest the time and you will reap the rewards.


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