Remember the Plot

Your parochial school is a story of success. Each year is a new chapter in your story.

In a few weeks, the annual rush to enroll new students and retain existing students will begin. What is your school going to be doing in the 2013 – 2014 school year to give it a heroic role in the students’ lives?

Your school has many anecdotal success stories that tell of its heroic role. What changes will you make between now and August 2013 to make next school year the record setter?

When the plot for a TV show becomes predictable, the audience drifts away. When that happens, the show is canceled.

The formula for having a sustainable TV show is to ensure each season is fresh and exciting. Like a TV show, your school’s sustainability depends on each year being fresher, more exciting, and better than the preceding year.

Summertime is when the networks begin tantalizing us with the new shows and the exciting new plots in the current shows. January through May is your opportunity to emulate the TV formula (tantalize and excite families). That means you must be creating the plans for the new season (2013 – 2014 school year) now.

Next Step:

Talk with your parents and prospective parents about what they like and what they want

Develop a plan to give them more of what they like and some of what they want

Develop talking points that the staff and board can share with current and prospective families

Start previewing the new activities in the classrooms after January 1, 2013

Finalize your plans for the fall after you have the results of the preview process

Your mission is the plot in your school’s story. The mission presents a compelling picture of what could be. What is the heroic role your school will play in the next school year to fulfill your mission and propel your students forward? Is teaching the students 1 + 1 = 2 heroic enough for parents to justify tuning in for another year, paying tuition, and engaging in the life of the school? Is learning more Bible stories or collecting more cans of food compelling enough?

How will your changes in programming make your Christian school the special and unique choice in your school district? (Why should I choose your channel over the 500+ available on cable tonight?)


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