Customer Experience

When serving your clients do you use a strategy or a process?

A parochial school has two sets of clients (families and students). Therefore, it needs two strategies.

Every strategy starts with the desire to achieve specific goals. When you serve your students what are your service goals? What are your goals for the service you give to parents and families? Are the goals ones that you have chosen for the clients or are the goals ones the clients chose for themselves?

If your goal is to give parents and families a place to sit, feel comfortable, and feel welcome, then you might put a couch in the entrance for visitors to sit on. What else must you do to be welcoming? What else do they want you to do? Is feeling comfortable and welcome something they want or something you want for them?

If your goal is to make your students feel accepted, is it enough to respect their ethnicity, economic status, and family structure? If there is a dress code (uniform), is it possible to fulfill your goal of being accepting (ethnic dress)? How accepting of their culture should your Christian school be? What do they want you to do? Is being accepted something they want or something you want for them?

Next Step:

Define your 3 – 5 goals for serving each client group (families and students)

Discuss your service goals with each client group to ensure you are giving the service (different than programming) they want and value

Review your current service practices and determine which practices need to align better with the service goals

Ensure that everyone who has contact with a client understands the service goals for that client group

Ensure your service goals fit with your mission

Since 1 + 1 = 2 and an “A” in History are the same regardless of the school, how you treat your clients is one more good way to establish the uniqueness of your school. When your school is unique in ways that are valuable to your clients, your enrollment and student retention will increase. Increasing enrollment and student retention increase sustainability.


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