Your Ideas Create the Future

The value of your nonprofit’s vision to your clients, donors, and community determines the level of support your nonprofit will receive. […]


The Leadership of Change

Helping each of your nonprofit’s stakeholders develop new capabilities will significantly improve your nonprofit’s sustainability. […]


Understated Value

Why your nonprofit innovates is more important to your donors, clients, and community than the cost of innovation. […]


The Dimensions of Value

Support will increase if you talk about the dimensions of your nonprofit’s value. […]


Setting Realistic Goals

The value produced by your nonprofit’s next project determines the level of commitment of your stakeholders. […]


The Vibrant Nonprofit

Diversity can be something we must address or it can be something we choose to address because of its significant strategic value. When strategic value is the motivation, diversity becomes a competitive advantage for attracting clients, staff members, board members, and support of all types.

One of the reasons that it has taken a long […]


Look for Challenges

Dozens of bumper stickers tell us that challenges or problems are great opportunities in hiding. They all sound great until you are slapped in the face by one. Then our first reaction is to find a workaround.

We search for the workaround because there is a deadline that must be met, there is a client […]


Serendipity Can Be a Tool

It is easy for anything we do frequently to become routine. When it does, we often overlook new opportunities to improve the process.

When a competitor notices a great opportunity to improve, they gain an advantage. If you capitalize on serendipity, you will have the advantage.

Serendipity is the chance discovery of something valuable. Luck […]


Through Your Client’s Eyes

Increasing client engagement will increase the durability of your nonprofit’s outcomes. […]


Client Outcomes Strategy

Learn five key elements of a nonprofit’s client services strategy. […]