Creating Agility

The agility of your nonprofit depends on the agility of your board and executive. […]


Your Ideas Create the Future

The value of your nonprofit’s vision to your clients, donors, and community determines the level of support your nonprofit will receive. […]


Co-Create Success

Would your clients enjoy greater success if they were served by a partnership of nonprofits offering a range of services? […]


The Dynamic Nonprofit

Does your nonprofit’s structure enable or inhibit your nonprofit’s ability to be dynamic, adaptive, agile, and flexible? […]


Reflective Thinking

Nonprofit boards that practice reflective thinking are more effective. Here is how to transition your board. […]


Setting Realistic Goals

The value produced by your nonprofit’s next project determines the level of commitment of your stakeholders. […]


How Far into the Future Should You Look?

To make a meaningful, measurable, and durable change in clients’ lives, a nonprofit must have a plan that extends beyond its service cycle. For many nonprofits, the service cycle covers multiple years. For many youth organizations, clients enroll for several years. One of the longer cycles is a pre-K through 12th grade school. In that […]


Authentic Service

Without good customer service, customers go elsewhere. Unfortunately, many nonprofits structure their customer service around the minimum required to match the community average.

Realizing that a nonprofit’s customer service must reach a certain level to retain customers says that the nonprofit recognizes that customer service is a potential point of differentiation. If a nonprofit […]


Top Performers

Almost every organization has a few top performers. While it is true that in every group someone is the best and someone is the worst, it is unnecessary for the gap to be huge.

Think about professional sports teams. Every member of those teams is exceptional.

Even with a limited budget, you can use their […]


Lifetime Employment

Lifetime employment (an employer’s guarantee of a job for life) sounds like a utopian idea. Think about it before you discard it as whimsy.

Most workers in the US see their jobs as temporary because their employers see their employment as temporary. As a leader, you have the opportunity to change your staff’s attitude […]