Listen to Clients, Hear New Ideas

By increasing your nonprofit’s commitment to its clients, you can increase your mission’s effectiveness. […]


Where Is Your Focus?

Every nonprofit executive has the same hopes as their clients and donors. Each year they the services to be more effective by the end of the service cycle (enrollment through program completion). In addition, the executive and donors want more clients.

How often does effectiveness increase at your nonprofit?

How often do you report the […]


Authentic Service

Without good customer service, customers go elsewhere. Unfortunately, many nonprofits structure their customer service around the minimum required to match the community average.

Realizing that a nonprofit’s customer service must reach a certain level to retain customers says that the nonprofit recognizes that customer service is a potential point of differentiation. If a nonprofit […]


Be the Preferred Service Provider

It takes more than good customer service to be a client’s first choice for nonprofit services. […]