Serendipity Can Be a Tool

It is easy for anything we do frequently to become routine. When it does, we often overlook new opportunities to improve the process.

When a competitor notices a great opportunity to improve, they gain an advantage. If you capitalize on serendipity, you will have the advantage.

Serendipity is the chance discovery of something valuable. Luck […]


The Culture of Better

When your nonprofit focuses on making things better, loss avoidance is unnecessary […]


Mitigate Board Bias

Here is how to reduce the influence of bias on your board’s decision-making process. […]


Nurture Innovation

Take the good and make it better. Making something more efficient rarely makes it better. Efficiency usually makes the accounting office and board finance committee happy because it is less expensive. However, having a highly-efficient process contributes nothing to sustainability.

Making a process more effective just keeps the process on pace with the rapidly changing […]


Failure Can Be an Asset

Four steps will enable you to capitalize on your failures. […]


How to Recover from Trouble

Every nonprofit experiences trouble from time-to-time. Knowing how to recover prevents the problem from growing, becoming persistent, or threatening survival. […]


The Path to Greatness

Your path to greatness is different from any path the other nonprofits are using. Why is it important to step off the common path? […]


Managing Risk Versus Managing Reward

Balancing risk and reward is critical to good stewardship and long-term organizational sustainability. […]


Confidence Is Hard to Come by

How do you find the confidence to step forward and do something when surrounded by uncertainty? […]