Don’t Cut that Cost

There are better alternatives for your nonprofit than cutting costs to balance the budget. […]


Outside In

When your clients and donors control the definition of success and how it is measured, your nonprofit will thrive. […]


Top Performers

Almost every organization has a few top performers. While it is true that in every group someone is the best and someone is the worst, it is unnecessary for the gap to be huge.

Think about professional sports teams. Every member of those teams is exceptional.

Even with a limited budget, you can use their […]


Serendipity Can Be a Tool

It is easy for anything we do frequently to become routine. When it does, we often overlook new opportunities to improve the process.

When a competitor notices a great opportunity to improve, they gain an advantage. If you capitalize on serendipity, you will have the advantage.

Serendipity is the chance discovery of something valuable. Luck […]


What Happens After the Crisis?

Your nonprofit’s next crisis will be a great opportunity to create new opportunities at minimal cost. […]


Worthy Goals

Ensure every one of your nonprofit’s goals inspires support. […]


Board Agenda

The board meeting agenda can significantly change the quality of decisions, board member engagement, the sustainability of your nonprofit, and generosity of your donors. […]


The Best Investment

The best investment is talent. Buy it or build it. Either way it is the best use of your nonprofit’s money. […]


A New Use for Surveys

Most of the time nonprofits use surveys to uncover problems, determine satisfaction, and fine-tune systems. Surveys also help increase support. […]


Why a 3-Year Budget Makes Sense

Creating the annual budget for a nonprofit is usually a time consuming activity. The thought of creating a three-year budget can seem overwhelming. […]