Giving Versus Doing

Most of us are unlikely to tell others after making a charitable donation. However, because of the emotional high from directly helping others, we are happy to tell people about our volunteer activities.

Your donors who are the most engaged are probably the ones who volunteer also. They receive gratification from directly contributing to […]


What People Hear, What People Experience

When fundraising, ensure people hear what you are intending to say. Frequently what is said is heard differently than what the speaker intended. Since the lives of your clients are dependent on donor generosity, ensuring that donors hear your message is very important.

Donor engagement depends heavily on the donor’s experience. Ideally, that experience includes […]


Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

Only a limited number of nonprofit board members should be directly involved in fundraising. The rest of the board also has an indirect role to play. […]


Sense of Trust

Maximizing the generosity of donors is the goal of every nonprofit fundraising professional and volunteer. Trust is a key element in the process. […]


What Are Donors Thinking?

Do you know what your donors are thinking? Do you know how to find out? […]


General Gift Vs. Specific Amount

A common question we hear is, “Should I ask for money in general or a specific amount?” […]


Who Is Calling?

Having a growing donor base is important. How do you find the time to grow the donor base? […]


Make Friends Not Donors

Fundraising is something that most of us hate, every nonprofit needs funds, and most people are very good at.

Why are most people good at it? It is a natural part of life in America. Most of the people we talk to are strangers. However, we spend most of our time talking to our friends. […]