Think and Act Collaboratively

Successful fundraising depends on a partnership between your nonprofit and your donors. The partnership is created by your fundraisers. Your board also has a significant but indirect role to play in creating the partnership.

The success of any partnership depends on all sides cooperating. In the case of a nonprofit there are three key components […]


Giving Versus Doing

Most of us are unlikely to tell others after making a charitable donation. However, because of the emotional high from directly helping others, we are happy to tell people about our volunteer activities.

Your donors who are the most engaged are probably the ones who volunteer also. They receive gratification from directly contributing to […]


Who Should Handle High-Value Donors?

Having the right person ask a nonprofit donor for a gift is one of the keys to receiving a generous gift. […]


Get or Give Policy

Should your board have a policy that says board members must get others to give or make a personal gift to your nonprofit? […]