Case for Giving

The better you understand a donor’s motivation for giving, the easier it will be for you to make a compelling case for giving to your nonprofit.

Think about motivation as encompassing when, to whom, how, what cause, why, where, how much, etc.. Each donor is unique and each donor’s situation and understanding are constantly changing. […]


Reasons to Give

There are three reasons nonprofit donors give. […]


The Great Case for Giving

The best case for giving to your nonprofit is the one the donors create. […]


A Robust Funding Stream

Make your nonprofit’s funding stream recession proof. […]


The Underdeveloped Donor

Everyone who gives is a donor. However, people who think of themselves as a donor think about giving differently than those who make a one-time gift or give sporadically.

If swimmers are those who have mastered swimming, very few people who can swim think of themselves as swimmers. Most think they lack the ability, knowledge, […]


Money is Scarce

When money is tight, it is easy to think of it as being scarce. However, money is abundant but you do need to look for it in the right way and in the right places. […]