Inside the Donor’s Head

When you take the time to talk to an engaged donor you realize their head and heart are very busy. Their passion for your mission and concern about your clients keeps them engaged. Their engagement makes them think about your nonprofit, mission, and clients.

Every donor thinks about your nonprofit, clients, and mission when prompted […]


In Pursuit of Engaged Donors

Here are five things you can do as part of your cultivation to increase donor engagement:

Clarity – Donor generosity depends on donors having a clear idea of what their gifts will do. If your donors are disappointed by what their gifts accomplish, there are two possibilities. One is to provide your donors with a […]


Is This Good Stewardship?

After a recent hurricane, a nonprofit gathered some volunteers and supplies and replaced the exterior surface of a homeowner’s roof to eliminate leaks and allow the owner to continue to live there. It is important to note that before replacing the exterior surface of the roof, the volunteers reported to the nonprofit that the house […]


How Much Cultivation Is too Much?

Every donor and volunteer should be cultivated. However, some donors should be cultivated more than others.

Since 80% of the funds come from 20% of a nonprofit’s donors, it is tempting to think that 20% deserve 80% of the cultivation. When one of the 20% reaches their capacity to give, intense cultivation is unlikely to […]


Where Is Your Impact?

Some charitable solicitations are quite creative, others are bold. Some try to inspire and ignite emotions. Those are all good things. But there is more you can do to increase donor engagement.

It is easy to think that just engaging the reader’s heart is enough. After all, if every reader just mailed in $25 […]


When Evidence Is an Anecdote

As you know, donors are becoming more discerning. They remain willing to provide token support for nonprofits whose causes are important to them but they reserve their generous support for the nonprofits that can prove they create value for their communities and have meaningful, measurable, and durable impacts on their clients.

There are many national […]


Making Change Successful

For most nonprofits, donation are among the primary sources of income. Logic says that ranks donors just below the mission and clients. First on the list is the mission. Without a mission there is nothing to give to. Then there are the clients. Without clients there is no reason to give. Without donors there are […]


What People Hear, What People Experience

When fundraising, ensure people hear what you are intending to say. Frequently what is said is heard differently than what the speaker intended. Since the lives of your clients are dependent on donor generosity, ensuring that donors hear your message is very important.

Donor engagement depends heavily on the donor’s experience. Ideally, that experience includes […]


The Donor Pipeline

The purpose of fundraising is to enable your nonprofit to serve the world. A steady and reliable funding stream makes your work possible. The stream start with prospective donors and ends with highly engaged, fiercely loyal, and hugely generous donors.

Prospects are the start of the process. Without prospects the donor base will melt away […]


Getting to Know You

Your nonprofit, regardless of its size, seems big and complex to a stranger. If you tell someone about all that you are doing, you are likely to overwhelm them. However, if you start them talking about themselves and their interests, you will find simple areas of intersection. You can cultivate their interests by talking about […]