Questions for Donors

Donor cultivation must be customized for each donor. That is one of the reasons that one-on-one cultivation is important. It is time consuming, which is why it is difficult to justify it for every donor. However, it is hard to know which of your small-but-loyal donors have the capacity to be a significant donor. WIthout […]


Generous Donor = Engagement + Culture

Every nonprofit can have generous donors. The precursors are having engaged donors and a culture that supports the mission, encourages engagement, and recognizes the value of donors.

A low percentage of donors are engaged (typically less than half). Since engagement is an important precursor to generosity, increasing donor engagement has the potential to be beneficial […]


Questions to Cultivate Donors with

Donor cultivation starts after you meet a prospective donor and are confident they want to know more about your nonprofit. This is the same model you use when cultivating a long-time donor.

Start with an open-ended question about your clients, mission, the last story in your newsletter, or something else related to your nonprofit, mission, […]


How Much Cultivation Is too Much?

Every donor and volunteer should be cultivated. However, some donors should be cultivated more than others.

Since 80% of the funds come from 20% of a nonprofit’s donors, it is tempting to think that 20% deserve 80% of the cultivation. When one of the 20% reaches their capacity to give, intense cultivation is unlikely to […]


What It Means to Be Donor Centric

Donor centric means the donor is at the center of everything that happens. The first priority must be for your nonprofit to be mission centric. The second priority is for your nonprofit to be client centric. The third priority is for your nonprofit to be donor centric. Putting mission first, clients second, and donors third […]


What People Hear, What People Experience

When fundraising, ensure people hear what you are intending to say. Frequently what is said is heard differently than what the speaker intended. Since the lives of your clients are dependent on donor generosity, ensuring that donors hear your message is very important.

Donor engagement depends heavily on the donor’s experience. Ideally, that experience includes […]


More than an Abstraction

Highly efficient fundraising will allow you to minimize the cost of raising each dollar. However, if your goals is to raise as many dollars as possible, you want a highly effective fundraising department. That means treating every donor like they are a unique individual and serving each individual in the best possible way as defined […]


A Personal Relationship

The relationships between most donors and the nonprofits they support are transactional. The nonprofits ask for support, the donors write checks, and the nonprofits express gratitude. The nonprofits ask again and if the donors respond, the relationships continue at that level until they end. The nonprofits assume that since they receive checks, the relationships are […]


Why Does Your Nonprofit Hold Events?

Does your nonprofit hold fundraising events for the right reasons? […]


Healthy Competition

Are you going to have a better year next year? Your nonprofit’s donors want to know. […]