Inside the Donor’s Head

When you take the time to talk to an engaged donor you realize their head and heart are very busy. Their passion for your mission and concern about your clients keeps them engaged. Their engagement makes them think about your nonprofit, mission, and clients.

Every donor thinks about your nonprofit, clients, and mission when prompted […]


Engaging Donors

Passionate donors want to be engaged in your mission. When they are engaged, their generosity and loyalty increase.

Just starting the cultivation process with a donor will make them more engaged. Starting the process tells the donor they are important. Donors want to know they are important to your mission and clients because your […]


Giving Versus Doing

Most of us are unlikely to tell others after making a charitable donation. However, because of the emotional high from directly helping others, we are happy to tell people about our volunteer activities.

Your donors who are the most engaged are probably the ones who volunteer also. They receive gratification from directly contributing to […]


Getting to Know You

Your nonprofit, regardless of its size, seems big and complex to a stranger. If you tell someone about all that you are doing, you are likely to overwhelm them. However, if you start them talking about themselves and their interests, you will find simple areas of intersection. You can cultivate their interests by talking about […]


Stages of Giving

The goal of donor cultivation is to help donors transition from mildly curious to passionately engaged and to sustain the engagement. Like all enjoyable journeys, every step should be savored. As a guide, your responsibility is to move the donor comfortably from one stage to the next.

The stages are:

Awareness – This is where […]


Emotional Impact

The success of your nonprofit’s fundraising depends on the emotional impact of your messages […]


Generous and Grateful

Donor engagement, loyalty, and generosity are the success measures for donor cultivation. […]


Engaged Donors

Your nonprofit’s engaged donors have the potential to be more valuable than your high-value donors. […]


Finding Engaged Donors

Here is how to make your nonprofit’s fundraising events more efficient and effective. […]


Never Sanitize the Story

Tell your nonprofit’s highly engaged donors everything (good, bad, and ugly). […]