Winning a Donor’s Heart and Mind

Winning a donor’s heart is relatively easy. A well told anecdote with strong emotional content and key points that engage the donor’s emotions is usually enough. That is almost a sure formula for obtaining a gift. However, it may only be a single token gift. It is a start but there must be much more […]


Appeals Lead to Cultivation

In an endeavor to make fundraising as efficient as possible, many nonprofits make their donor messages and appeals the same. As a result, their efficiency and consistency are high but their effectiveness is low.

An appeal is written for a large audience. It is carefully crafted to present the message. It is written to capture […]


More than an Abstraction

Highly efficient fundraising will allow you to minimize the cost of raising each dollar. However, if your goals is to raise as many dollars as possible, you want a highly effective fundraising department. That means treating every donor like they are a unique individual and serving each individual in the best possible way as defined […]