Inside the Donor’s Head

When you take the time to talk to an engaged donor you realize their head and heart are very busy. Their passion for your mission and concern about your clients keeps them engaged. Their engagement makes them think about your nonprofit, mission, and clients.

Every donor thinks about your nonprofit, clients, and mission when prompted […]


Say, Think, Do

Actions speak louder than words. In other words, intentions establish expectations but actions create results. In many cases, results are the only way a donor can ensure their gift is being used in the way they want and producing the outcome and value they expect.

Donors will give based upon what you tell them will […]


Fundraising Is NOT Selling

Fundraising is most successful when nonprofits see their donors as partners rather than consumers.

Fundraising establishes a link between donors and clients. The nonprofit’s purpose is to serve the clients on behalf of the donors since the donors lack the time, skills, and facilities. How well the nonprofit meets the needs of the clients […]


Engaging Donors

Passionate donors want to be engaged in your mission. When they are engaged, their generosity and loyalty increase.

Just starting the cultivation process with a donor will make them more engaged. Starting the process tells the donor they are important. Donors want to know they are important to your mission and clients because your […]


Create Clarity for Your Donors

Donors want a clear and compelling reason to fund your mission. You must be clear about what you want, why their help is needed, and why their gifts will be effective.

When executives and fundraisers are asked why their nonprofits exist they respond with a simple but unclear answer. You might hear something like, “We […]


Is This Good Stewardship?

After a recent hurricane, a nonprofit gathered some volunteers and supplies and replaced the exterior surface of a homeowner’s roof to eliminate leaks and allow the owner to continue to live there. It is important to note that before replacing the exterior surface of the roof, the volunteers reported to the nonprofit that the house […]


Competing for Donors

The competition among nonprofits for donors is fierce. The competition is much subtler than “Give to my nonprofit rather than those guys.” It is targeted at donors’ hearts, heads, goals, purposes for giving, and desire to help others.

Donors often give to multiple nonprofits in various sectors and many times two or more nonprofits in […]


Appeals Lead to Cultivation

In an endeavor to make fundraising as efficient as possible, many nonprofits make their donor messages and appeals the same. As a result, their efficiency and consistency are high but their effectiveness is low.

An appeal is written for a large audience. It is carefully crafted to present the message. It is written to capture […]


Making Change Successful

For most nonprofits, donation are among the primary sources of income. Logic says that ranks donors just below the mission and clients. First on the list is the mission. Without a mission there is nothing to give to. Then there are the clients. Without clients there is no reason to give. Without donors there are […]


Helping People Versus Raising Money

For many fundraising professionals, fundraising is about money. For the best fundraising professionals it is about helping people.

The professionals focused on money change jobs frequently. They hone their skills at the new pitch and when they have it perfected and their success levels out, they need a new challenge. It is hard to maintain […]