Brand Strength and Fundraising Ease

Is your mission’s brand the same as the brand your services create?

The strength of your nonprofit’s brand depends on two things. One is how well the promises of your mission statement are aligned with the solution your services deliver. The second is the robustness of your solution. The generosity, loyalty, engagement, and speed of growth of your donor base also depends on the alignment of your promises and services as well as the robustness of your solution. In addition, the sustainability of your nonprofit and your funding stream depend on the same.

Fundraising’s primary role is to promote your brand. When the brand is well understood by your supporters and community, support is optimized. Your donors who understand the value of your mission are your most loyal, engaged and generous within the limits of their resources.

Everyone at your nonprofit needs to understand what people value most about your solution, what they want to have improved, and what they want to have added. Cultivating supporters provides you with the information the rest of your nonprofit wants to know.

How easily your brand attracts support and recognition in your community depends on how well you communicate and how fast improvements are made. If it is easy to attract supporters and increase donor generosity, loyalty, and engagement, you know that your brand is well understood, highly valued, and growing in relevance to your community. If you would like it to be easier to attract new supporters, increase donor generosity, donor loyalty, and engagement, there are eight areas to focus on:

Ensure that the promises of your mission statement align with the solution offered by your services

Ensure that more clients consistently achieve the same level of success

Increase the durability of your solution’s impact on your clients’ lives (outcome)

Make your solution more meaningful by adding depth or breadth to it

Make the solution your mission offers more measurable or measurable in a more meaningful way

Ensure your results are reproducible regardless of how the clients differ in experiences, skills, knowledge, backgrounds, ethnicity, lifestyle, gender, or other demographics

Ensure your nonprofit can scale and handle a growing number of clients without it affecting outcomes, quality, or any of the preceding measures

Ensure you communicate the anecdotes and statistics that are easily understood by all prospective clients, donors, and stakeholders and clearly demonstrate your nonprofit’s success in the preceding seven ways

Next Step:

Audit your brand to determine how well your solution is understood by your community and how well your solution meets your community’s expectations

Create a plan to improve your brand communications

Create a plan that will enhance your solution to better meet your community’s expectations

Your nonprofit better understands what your clients need than your donors do. However, your donors base their support on what they understand. Sometimes misunderstandings occur because your donors want a collateral benefit which may or may not be embedded in your plans. When it is in your plans, it is something you should promote. When it outside the scope of your mission, it is time to gather your supporters and talk about whether your mission should be reshaped to better serve your community, clients, and the desires of your supporters. The sustainability of your nonprofit depends on the generosity, loyalty, and engagement of your donors. When your nonprofit provides the services your donors want your community and clients to have, your nonprofit will have the sustainability you want, and fundraising will be easier and more rewarding.

The strength, value, support, and respect of your brand depends on how well your nonprofit produces the results, outcomes, and solutions your community and donors want and how well your nonprofit communicates its ability to successfully meet your community’s and donors’ expectations.

Take It Further:

Audit your brand annually


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