Inspiring Success Measures

Fundraising success measures need to be inspirational.

Many times fundraising goals are all about money, donors, and increasing donor generosity. Those are necessary outcomes of any fundraising activity but there are better goals and success measures.

The real purpose of fundraising is to enable the mission, strengthen the community, and help the clients. When those things happen it is easy to take pride in one’s accomplishments, rush to work each day, and feel good about where you work.

Creating inspirational success measures and goals is easier than most people think. It is the simple process of humanizing the numbers and giving the numbers an honorable purpose in support of your mission.

Imagine the budget anticipates $100,000 for wheelchairs. If each wheelchair costs $500 then the goal is to mobilize 200 people ages 12 to 18.

It is hard for most people to become excited about a room full of wheelchairs. However, it is easy to imagine the smile on a teenager’s face when his or her mobility is restored. In addition, when you see someone doing something in or from a wheelchair, it is easy to understand why your job is important.

Because you can imagine what your effort will achieve, it is easy to talk with people about the need to provide teenagers with mobility. It is easy to imagine the parents of teenager being willing to help mobilize other teenagers (Who better understands how important mobility is to a teenager?). Besides making your work more fulfilling, it also makes your job easier.

Next Step:

Reword your annual fundraising goals to connect them to humanity and give them purpose

List the different groups of people who care about the humans your mission helps and the purpose their gift will serve

Develop your cultivation process to be inspirational, rewarding, and fulfilling for you, your fundraising team, and your donors

Pursuing a goal is hard work. Serving a purpose is rewarding regardless of the amount of work required. When you translate your annual fundraising goals and success measures into purposeful activity, your team will work with enthusiasm. Their enthusiasm will become infectious. Infectious enthusiasm will inspire your donors, attract new donors, and significantly raise the probability of providing your clients with the services they need. If you provide the services your clients need, you will also reach your goals and increase the sustainability of your mission. When the clients’ needs are your fundraising focus, you will find greater fulfillment and everything else (mission, sustainability, your success, money, etc.) will follow.

Your mission is about changing people’s lives. Make your fundraising about those same lives.


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