Decisions that Strangle Success

Nonprofits must be accountable for how they use a funder’s money. Accountability encourages good stewardship, gives the donor the confidence to be generous, creates a more effective mission, and enables greater client success. When accountability has the wrong focus, it strangles donor, nonprofit, mission and client success.

Donors, like nonprofit boards, have only the best […]


Friendly Collaborations

Your nonprofit will realize may benefits from collaborating with nonprofits of all types, especially at the board level.

Think about your nonprofit and its fiercest competitor. You probably compete for donors, clients, volunteers, referral sources, staff, and advocates. However, it is doubtful that you compete in other areas such as accounting, HR, policy, and payroll. […]


Judging a Nonprofit’s Worthiness

There are two ways to determine if a nonprofit is worthy of donations. […]


The Value of Incremental Change

One of the many purposes of a nonprofit board is to help the nonprofit achieve above average results and outcomes. When that happens, the community and clients are better served, the donors are more generous, and the mission has above average sustainability. […]