Do Less

Board members are talented, experienced, and knowledgeable leaders. They know how to be effective. They achieve success by taking on one issue and focusing on it until it is resolved.

Many nonprofit boards try to do too much. Their agendas are cluttered with marketing decisions, programing needs, financial decisions, fundraising challenges plus the usual […]


Develop Leaders

One of the often-overlooked responsibilities of nonprofit boards is to develop its current and future leaders (volunteer and professional). Another responsibility of a nonprofit board is to lay the foundation for an uncertain future. While it sounds like it is impossible to prepare for something that is vague at best, it is still a necessity. […]


Attributes of a Highly Effective Board

Nonprofit sustainability depends on consistently providing outstanding service for many years. Of course outstanding service depends on a high-performing staff with sufficient resources (high-performing fundraising). However, of greater importance is the performance of the board.

Without great leadership, it is impossible for a team to win. Therefore, all board members must perform well so that […]


Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

ZBB originated in the 1970s. Therefore, it is nothing new and when something old becomes popular it is best to be cautious.

ZBB means zeroing out all line items in the budget and justifying every dollar that is added for each line item. There have been several stories recently about large organizations using ZBB to […]


What Should the Board Do?

A while ago a nonprofit was founded on a large piece of ground. The founders hoped the nonprofit would grow and need the land. As the years passed, the nonprofit grew and shrank. Today it is serving very few people and struggling to find a path forward. It has never needed more than the modest […]


The Vanishing Difference Between Nonprofit and For-Profit

In many ways, nonprofits are the same as for-profits. They must be. They operate in the same ecosystem. However, a nonprofit’s purpose is to solve a social problem rather than make a profit. The different between the two may disappear in 10 years.

Before the turn of the century, for-profits were only socially or environmentally […]


Better Data Results in More Generous Donors

Here are four questions to help you better know your donors, engage your donors, and spot trends in your donor base. Some of the bullets under each question will help you focus your fundraising in ways that increase its effectiveness.

How can supporters engage with your nonprofit?

Volunteer, Donate, Advocate, Refer Clients and Refer […]


Friendly Collaborations

Your nonprofit will realize may benefits from collaborating with nonprofits of all types, especially at the board level.

Think about your nonprofit and its fiercest competitor. You probably compete for donors, clients, volunteers, referral sources, staff, and advocates. However, it is doubtful that you compete in other areas such as accounting, HR, policy, and payroll. […]


Staying on Top

If your nonprofit is at the top of its game – Congratulations! That is great news!

The bad news is that the good news has a limited shelf life. According to one study, the average large organization reorganizes itself every 24 – 36 months. Each reorganization takes about 18 months. It is hard to stay […]


Spending Too Much on Your Mission?

At Mission Enablers, we believe the sustainability of a nonprofit is as important as the mission. Without sustainability, the mission will perish. Often, sustainability is given less attention than it deserves because the mission is given too much attention.

Donors rightly demand that a nonprofit be accountable for its impact. Since many nonprofits are unable […]