Attributes of a Highly Effective Board

Nonprofit sustainability depends on consistently providing outstanding service for many years. Of course outstanding service depends on a high-performing staff with sufficient resources (high-performing fundraising). However, of greater importance is the performance of the board.

Without great leadership, it is impossible for a team to win. Therefore, all board members must perform well so that […]


Put a Bigger Dent in the Universe

Nonprofits are formed to solve significant social problems. The promises of their mission statements tells how the world will be transformed by the nonprofits’ efforts.

Does your community know how your nonprofit plans to transform it?

Do your services create the transformation your mission promises?

How significantly your nonprofit transforms your community depends on […]


Leading Change

There are three elements that each nonprofit board member must personify. […]


Be an Influential Leader

The leadership ability of your nonprofit’s board is important to the sustainability of your mission. […]


Leader Versus Manager

Your nonprofit’s board can significantly improve the success of your mission. […]


Leadership Development Is Planned Change

When the board has a development plan for your nonprofit’s executive and staff, it has a plan to strengthen the mission and increase sustainability. It has a plan for your most valuable asset. […]


Term Limits

In general, the longer a board chair serves, the stronger the nonprofit becomes. […]


The Successful Board

Have you thought about how to measure the success of a nonprofit board? […]


Boards as Good Leaders

Is your board trying to lead or manage your nonprofit? […]


Successor Management Plan

For which individuals in your organization should you have a successor plan? […]