Better Data Results in More Generous Donors

Here are four questions to help you better know your donors, engage your donors, and spot trends in your donor base. Some of the bullets under each question will help you focus your fundraising in ways that increase its effectiveness.

How can supporters engage with your nonprofit?

Volunteer, Donate, Advocate, Refer Clients and Refer […]


Is Your Board Alert?

The board members in highly sustainable nonprofits are constantly monitoring the world around them for threats (real and imagined). When a member notices a threat, the other board members are alerted. The threat is evaluated and an appropriate response is developed.

Reactions are seldom as effective as responses. Many nonprofit boards wait until they see […]


Diversity that Drives Sustainability

A diverse nonprofit board is a tool for enhancing sustainability. […]


The Next Meeting

We all know the quality of an agenda influences the quality of any meeting. Did you know that the way the meeting ends affects the way the next nonprofit board meeting starts? […]


How Are You Doing?

There is a significant difference between the nonprofit board’s job and the staff’s job. The staff is responsible for this year. The board is responsible for the future. […]


Assume the Positive

Sometimes a board member speaks first and thinks later. As an example, you might hear someone say, “Why […]


All Behavior Is Communication

Actions speak louder than words. Actions are usually more sincere than words. Do you know what your nonprofit board members’ actions are saying when they stop attending meetings or take the meeting away from the agenda? […]


Board Giving Policy

If you have to have a board giving policy, you may have the wrong people on your board. […]


Board Member Benefits

Before joining the board, every board member has an expectation that their service will be beneficial to them and the nonprofit. […]