Friendly Collaborations

Your nonprofit will realize may benefits from collaborating with nonprofits of all types, especially at the board level.

Think about your nonprofit and its fiercest competitor. You probably compete for donors, clients, volunteers, referral sources, staff, and advocates. However, it is doubtful that you compete in other areas such as accounting, HR, policy, and payroll. […]


Break the Rules

How flexible is your board’s attitude toward rules?

Every successful experiment breaks and rewrites one or more rules. Every successful experiment also increases the effectiveness of your mission, the sustainability of your nonprofit, and its competitive stance in your community.

Is your nonprofit breaking enough rules to create the operational strength, sustainability, and effectiveness your […]


Ready for the Long Run

Is your nonprofit’s board more focused on the present or the future? […]


How Do You Increase Effectiveness?

What is the best way to raise the effectiveness of your nonprofit? […]