Do Less

Board members are talented, experienced, and knowledgeable leaders. They know how to be effective. They achieve success by taking on one issue and focusing on it until it is resolved.

Many nonprofit boards try to do too much. Their agendas are cluttered with marketing decisions, programing needs, financial decisions, fundraising challenges plus the usual […]


Spending Too Much on Your Mission?

At Mission Enablers, we believe the sustainability of a nonprofit is as important as the mission. Without sustainability, the mission will perish. Often, sustainability is given less attention than it deserves because the mission is given too much attention.

Donors rightly demand that a nonprofit be accountable for its impact. Since many nonprofits are unable […]


Better Time Management

When board meetings consistently last longer than planned, it indicates that there is more work for the board than it has time for. One way to help the board is to expand it without adding members. The other is to develop more leaders.

Recruit non-board volunteers to serve on board committees. Since the additional volunteers […]


The More Effective Board

Every nonprofit has a board. Almost every nonprofit wants a more effective board. How do you translate, the wants into practical, manageable changes? […]