What Do You See?

Those with a vision are shaping the world. They see how things could be and chart a course that will create what they envision. Nonprofits are expected to shape the world around them.

Your community expects to be reshaped by your nonprofit. Your board has the power and the capacity to fulfill your community’s […]


What Should the Board Do?

A while ago a nonprofit was founded on a large piece of ground. The founders hoped the nonprofit would grow and need the land. As the years passed, the nonprofit grew and shrank. Today it is serving very few people and struggling to find a path forward. It has never needed more than the modest […]


Put a Bigger Dent in the Universe

Nonprofits are formed to solve significant social problems. The promises of their mission statements tells how the world will be transformed by the nonprofits’ efforts.

Does your community know how your nonprofit plans to transform it?

Do your services create the transformation your mission promises?

How significantly your nonprofit transforms your community depends on […]


Be Measurably Strong

A nonprofit solves a pressing problem for its clients and community through its services. That wonderful process strengthens the community. It also means that the community needs the nonprofits to continue for as long as there are problems to be solved.

Does your nonprofit have the strength to survive as long as it is needed?



An Easy and Effective Vision

The decisions your board makes at this year’s meetings lay the foundation for the board’s legacy and your nonprofit’s future.

Often your board’s influence on your nonprofit takes years to become obvious. Incremental changes can happen immediately but are noticeable after the results are known. For example, cutting expenses to better align costs and income […]


Turning the Corner

When a nonprofit is struggling, visualizing the path forward is the first step toward sustainability. In many cases, it is the hardest step.

An objective perspective is needed to see the path forward. Small nonprofits usually have small groups of passionate stakeholders who think about the nonprofit as if it was their own. Their sense […]


Giving Back to Your Community

When you increase the value of your nonprofit to your community, your community will increase support. […]


The Annual Report

Use your nonprofit’s annual report to overcome some of the apathy and lethargy among your supporters. […]


Board Accountability

When nonprofit boards place an emphasis on their own accountability, their nonprofits exceed expectations. […]


In Support of Value Creation

Every change your nonprofit makes must be supported by more than a good plan. […]