Why that Candidate?

When one board candidate was asked why he should be on a certain nonprofit’s board, his response was, “Why not?” Nonprofit board membership should never be an entitlement. It should be something that both sides take seriously and carefully consider.

Sometimes when we ask a nonprofit executive or board member why a specific person […]


Executive Fit

Periodically it is necessary to look for a new nonprofit executive. How do you ensure the next executive will be a good fit?

There are two parts to ensuring that you have the right person. Responsibility is shared equally between the board and the candidate.


The board must do the following:

Be unanimous […]


Recruiting for the Future

Open seats on a nonprofit board need to be filled. Who is the right candidate to fill the position? […]


Human Capital

Finding the right people to serve on a nonprofit board is an ongoing challenge. There are many appropriate people but who is the right person? […]


The Great Board Member

Many nonprofit boards begin the search for new board members in the next few weeks. How do you know if someone will be a great board member? […]