Mission Helps

Your mission guides your nonprofit in many ways. One of those ways is by making decision-making easier.

There are four benefits of a mission statement.

Purpose – It establishes the purpose for the nonprofit

Uniqueness – It establishes the uniqueness of the nonprofit

Promises – It promises the donors, clients, and community certain results

Decision-Making – It clarifies decision-making

Frequent exposure to the mission helps to keep it in the forefront of the board’s thinking. However, in the rush to move forward, this is often overlooked. We recommend:

Each board meeting open with a mission minute (a short story about the success of a client or how the mission permanently changed a client’s life)

A brief overview of how the board’s decision will enhance the mission

If it is hard to define how a decision will enhance the mission, it may indicate:

The decision is something the staff or a committee should decide

The matter should be rejected because it is a distraction from the mission

Your board members were recruited because they are passionate about your mission. Ensuring that each decision the board makes enhances the mission, fuels the board’s passion, and confirms that the members are in the right place doing the right things. This is also a great way to increase board engagement.

Next Step:

Add a mission minute to the start of all board and committee meetings

Add a mission enhancement paragraph to every report, proposal, and discussion brought to the board

Encourage the board to reject any item that comes forward without a mission enhancement paragraph

If a decision fails to enhance the mission, why is implementing the decision a good use of the donors’ gifts or the volunteers’ time?

The degree of enhancement that the decision makes in the mission is of minor importance. Some decisions will make minor or incremental changes. Others will make significant changes in the mission. It is the constant enhancement to the mission that is important over time.

If your board is constantly making decisions that enhance your mission, sustainability will increase. Can you imagine how strong your mission will be in just a few years? Can you imagine how strong your nonprofit will be? Can you imagine how happy and generous your donors will be? Can you imagine the level of success each of your clients will achieve?

Yes, making the mission a part of every decision is almost magical in its effect.

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